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About Us
D5 Design Factory provides imaginative décor that truly reflects each client’s individuality.

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No. 85 Vanagaram Road Keel Ayanambakkam , Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600095

+91 91766 52660


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My job is to help professionals to achieve their industrial goals whilst having adequate protection along the way.


Residential Project

Home / Mr. Balu
Master Bedroom-1
Gym Area-1
Study Room-1
Daughter Bedroom-1
Master Bedroom Walking-1
Open Terrace-1
Gym Area Toilet-1
FF AV Room-1
Swimming Pool Area-1
Parking Area-1
Living Area-1
Pooja Room-1
Kitchen Room-1
Dining Room-1
Master Bedroom Opt-1
Office Room-1
Master Bedroom Toilet-1
Lounge Room-1
Guest Bedroom-1
Guest Toilet-1
Walking Wardrobe Guest-1
Open Terrace-1
Master Bedroom-2
Gym Area-2
Study Room-2
Daughter Bedroom-2
Bedroom Walking Wardrobe-1
Open Terrace-2
Gym Area Toilet-2
FF AV Room-2
Swimming Pool Area-2
Parking Area-2
Living Area-2
Pooja Room-2
Kitchen Room-2
Dining Room-2
Master Bedroom Opt-2
Office Room-2
Master Bedroom Toilet-2
Lounge Room-2
Guest Bedroom-2
Guest Toilet-2
Walking Wardrobe Guest-2
Open Terrace-2
Master Bedroom-3
Gym Area-3
Study Room-3
Daughter Bedroom-3
Master Bedroom Toilets-1
Open Terrace-3
Gym Area Toilet-3
FF AV Room-3
Swimming Pool Area-3
Parking Area-3
Living Area-3
Pooja Room-3
Kitchen Room-3
Utility Area-1
Master Bedroom Opt-3
Locker Room-1
Master Bedroom Toilet-3
Lounge Room-3
Guest Bedroom-3
Guest Toilet-3
Walking Wardrobe Guest-3
Open Terrace-3

About Company

We have built a solid reputation for innovation, creativity, reliability, and professionalism We Dream, Think, Design and Create exquisite interiors.

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